Regan Saunders

ReganRegan is proud to be a part of the talented staff at The Dance Warehouse! She has been Directing, Coaching, & Teaching dancers & dance teams since 2001, and continues to dance professionally in the Twin Cities. Regan is the founder of Evolution Dance Concept, a group of Adult Dancing Professionals who get together to explore new movement and hone their craft. She has danced for numerous choreographers such as Michael Ferrell, Mackenzie Lewis, Talya Dozois, Joe Crook, Lauren Baker, Jessica Schilling, and Christina Leines. She has worked regularly with The Phipps Dance Theater and Erin Sheppard Presents since 2011. Her choreography has been most notably featured with Evolution Dance Concept, Erin Sheppard Presents, The Phipps Dance Theater, Minnesota Dance Collaborative’s Illuminaires, The Starettes, The Dragon’s Dance Team, and numerous studio and dance team competitions. Dance is Regan’s passion and she is honored to be able to share that with her students on a regular basis.